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We are a manufacturer and a trader. We can provide finished film, PET substrates, TPU materials.

About Us

Nanolink is Chinese leading manufacturer of solar control window films and paint protection films. Nanolink possesses advanced technology and intellectual property rights. It is the world's first manufacturing enterprise based on inorganic nanomaterials for research and development. Nanolink PET window film covers more than 20% of the global market.

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Our Products

Our core products: PET chip dyed film, blocking IR & UV Film, nano ceramic film, carbon black (HS series) film, TPU paint protective film, high insulation glass, etc.


Our products are widely used, and we look forward to discussing more possibilities with you.

Electronic Display

Effectively blocking blue light in the 450nm-470nm band, and protect eyes from blue light!


Thermal insulation, keep cool, Blocks up to 99% of UV light, reduces the glare, privacy, Does not interfere with mobile devices and GPS!

Construction Window Film

Effective maintain indoor temperature, energy saving and environmental protection!

Latest News

Come into the news & events of NANOLINK.

How To Maintain Car After Applying The Window Film
Car window film can block ultraviolet rays, heat insulation, explosion-proof, and prevent glare. When your car has just pasted the car window film, in order not to affect the effect and life of the window film, please avoid the following things.
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  • by: NANOLINK
How to choose car window film
More and more people will put a layer of insulation film on car glass after buying a car. Car insulation film has the functions of heat insulation, sun protection and explosion protection, which can improve the comfort and safety of driving.
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  • by: NANOLINK
How much do you know about the Dragon Boat Festival
Traditionally, the epidemic of May was considered to be a "evil month", so many customs of the Dragon Boat Festival have the meaning of expelling the plague.
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  • by: NANOLINK
A Little Tips for you When Choosing Window Film
A Little Tips for you When Choosing Window Film. How To Judge The Quality Of The Film? Does Tinting Window Film Affect ETC? How To Choose The Color Of The Film?
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  • by: nanolink

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