About Us

About Us

Nanolink is Chinese leading manufacturer of solar control window films and paint protection films. Nanolink possesses advanced technology and intellectual property rights. It is the world's first manufacturing enterprise based on inorganic nanomaterials for research and development.

Nanolink core products: TPU paint protection film, PET window film, solar thermal insulation window film, high-blocking ultraviolet window film, carbon black (carben series) constant color base film, photochromic film, etc.

Nanolink is the first Chinese company to mass produce TPU automotive paint protection film. Nanolink has two factories, and our production line can produce 500 million rolls of body protection film a year.

Nanolink PET window film has the functions of high heat insulation, high light transmission, heat insulation, low glare, UV resistance, etc., which can be customized as required. With its technical advantages, Nanolink has increased production capacity by 2-3 times and reduced production costs. Nanolink PET window film is loved by customers for its excellent quality and competitive price. Currently, Nanolink PET window film covers more than 20% of the global market.

Nanolink attaches great importance to product development and currently has 34 patents. Nanolink's core technologies include: nano material preparation, grinding and dispersion, modified masterbatch, PET optical functional film material development, functional masterbatch dispersion, polymerization, two-way stretching of PET film, surface coating, etc. Nanolink will use the advanced technology and intellectual property to make more breakthroughs for the film industry.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to create a more comfortable living environment.


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Our products are widely used, and we look forward to discussing more possibilities with you.

Electronic Display

Effectively blocking blue light in the 450nm-470nm band, and protect eyes from blue light!


Thermal insulation, keep cool, Blocks up to 99% of UV light, reduces the glare, privacy, Does not interfere with mobile devices and GPS!

Construction Window Film

Effective maintain indoor temperature, energy saving and environmental protection!

Our Honor

Nanolink will use the advanced technology and intellectual property to make more breakthroughs for the film industry.

  • It was awarded the "2019 Shanghai first batch of new materials" project.

  • It was awarded the honorary title of "little giant" by state-level expert and special new.

  • It was awarded "specialized and special new" enterprise in Shanghai.

  • Won the honorary title of "Shanghai science and technology little giant nurturing enterprise"

  • It was nominated for "2018 special fund for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai".

  • Won the "2018 Shanghai first batch of new materials" project.

  • It was nominated for the project of "2018 Shanghai special fund for industrial transformation and upgrading development -- brand economic development".

  • It reached the "project cooperation agreement on innovation and practice base" with tongji university, and established the yangpu district post-doctoral innovation and practice base.

  • Mr. Lin Yujin, general manager of Nalinv Nano technology (Shanghai) co., LTD., was awarded the Mass Talents Support Program of the National "Double Creation" Demonstration Base in Yangpu District and the new seedling of the 2nd Star of Entrepreneurship Competition.

  • It was awarded the title of "yangpu district enterprise technology center"

  • Won the title of "Shanghai high-tech enterprise" in November 2017

  • Won the special prize of "innovation selection of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises" in Shanghai

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penny lee

Director Of Overseas Market

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clare ge

Sales Manager

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cassie fu

Sales Manager

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