A Little Tips for you When Choosing Window Film

How To Judge The Quality Of The Film?

1. Visible Light Transmission Rate: it is the standard to measure the definition of vehicle window film. The higher the light availability, the clearer the line of the sight when driving;

2. Total Infrared Rejection Rate: it is the standard to measure the thermal insulation performance of the car window film. The higher of the value, the better the thermal insulation performance.

3. Ultraviolet Rays Rejection Rate: it is the standard to measure the sun protection performance is good or not, the higher UVR%, the better UV rejection.

4. Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER)

The percentage of total solar energy rejected by filmed glass. The higher this value, the less solar heat is transmitted.

5. Thickness: the thickness of the Automotive film mostly on range 1.5--2 mil in the market, and the safety performance of the film increase with the increase of thickness.

About Film Materials

At present, the film materials in the market can be roughly divided into metal film and Nano ceramic film.

We can see the difference from the chart below from Materials, ways of heat insulation and advantages.

Does Tinting Window Film Affect ETC?

Conventional Nano ceramic film basically has no influence on ETC signal.

But if you tinting Metal film or Magnetron sputter film, please communicate with technicians before installing the film and leave a space in ETC in advance.

How To Choose The Color Of The Film?

The windshield film normally need high visible light transmission(VLT). Some countries laws required more that 70% of VLT, and some forbidden to tint the front window film, so it better to check the country laws before tinting. The side and the back window film can tint the same color, divided into dark and light colors.

The dark-colored film has no effect on the line of sight of driving. However, if driving in dim environment is needed frequently, it is recommended to choose light-colored or keep the triangular hole of the rearview mirror for higher and clearer light transmission.

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