How to choose car window film

More and more people will put a layer of insulation film on car glass after buying a car. Car insulation film has the functions of heat insulation, sun protection and explosion protection, which can improve the comfort and safety of driving. Most people know the benefits of film, but they don't know how to choose a car window film.

Firstly, the color of the car's solar film. Some people think that the darker the car film, the better the heat insulation effect. In fact, this is wrong. There are two main thermal insulation principles of the thermal insulation film. One is to absorb heat through the heat-absorbing agent for insulation. The disadvantage of this method is that the heat absorption capacity will be lost when the heat absorption reaches saturation. The other is reflective heat insulation, that is, the metal heat insulation film uses the metal atoms in the film to selectively reflect the heat from the infrared rays to achieve a long-term heat insulation effect.

Therefore, the color of the film does not affect the heat insulation effect of the reflective heat insulation window film, but affects the light transmittance of the car window film.

Secondly, the light transmittance of automobile solar film. Some people think that the lower the light transmittance, the more privacy can be protected. However, the low light transmittance of the car heat insulation film will affect the driver's line of sight. For the front windshield film, many national laws stipulate that the light transmittance cannot be lower than 70%. In addition, do not choose a film with too low light transmittance or completely black for the side rear windshield.

Finally, the price of car solar window film. Some people think that all the insulation film is a thin layer, and in the case of large price differences, they will choose a cheap one. However, cheap insulation film is likely to be inferior or fake. Inferior film uses inferior technology and raw materials, not only without heat insulation, but also likely to have problems such as blistering, color fading, and release of harmful gases.

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