How To Maintain Car After Applying The Window Film

Car window film can block ultraviolet rays, heat insulation, explosion-proof, and prevent glare. When your car has just pasted the car window film, in order not to affect the effect and life of the window film, please avoid the following things.

Don't lift windows

It takes 5-7 days for the newly-applied car window film to be completely fixed on the glass. If you lift the car window frequently, the window film is easy to curl, tilt, and shift, which will affect the appearance and use effect.

Do not wash the car immediately

Before the car film is completely fixed, washing the car will allow water to enter the gap and affect the adhesion of the glue. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to get wet within 3 days after applying the film.

Do not clean with chemical solvents

If there is dirt on the car film, do not use chemical solvents to wipe and clean, so as not to damage the surface of the car film. Use special mild detergent and soft towel or sponge to avoid leaving scratches on the car film.

Don't hang ornaments on car windows

Some people like to hang small ornaments on car windows, but please avoid hanging ornaments on car windows within 15 days after applying the film. Regardless of whether it is a sticker ornament or a suction cup ornament, when it is torn off, the car film that is not completely attached may be pulled out, causing the window film to partially fall off.

Blisters should be repaired as soon as possible

Bubbles appear on the pasted car film, please go to the construction shop to repair it within 24 hours. If left untreated for a long time, air bubbles will remain on the window film. If you press it yourself, it will leave marks and affect the appearance.

  • by: NANOLINK

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