Bullet-proof Membrane

Automotive Window Tint

Safety bullet-proof film 

The Nalene Thermal Insulation Series provides a transparent,yet powerful barrier that keeps the glass in place during alife impact, thereby greatly reducing the splashing stone.The threat posed by children, seismic waves and accidental

impacts.In addition, Nalinke is also an ideal choice for glazed windows or other densely populated areas where surface surfaces are prone to “breaking windows” or damage.


1、The total thickness is 12Mil, with TPU film in the middle, which is shot at a distance of 3 meters, 5 meters, and 10 meters, using a 64-type 7.62mm pistol. Test results: Three shots can’t penetrate the film. 

2、High Definition and transparent, the line of sight is not affected

3、Improve safety of glass, sight safety and bullet-proof effect


Meet the safety performance requirements of national glass safety film standard cas140-2007b safety film

Personalized customization.

Nanolink has a full range of safety film products, different thickness, different color, different performance, to meet your needs.

Application range

The products are mainly used in office buildings, commercial buildings,airport pick-up stations (squatting),It is attached to the window glass of different buildings such as exhibition halls, classrooms, and houses.

Green color environmental protection & quality assurance

The coating is diluted with a low boiling point environmentally friendly solvent, fragrant, non-toxic, no solvent residue or odor.The scratch-resistant layer hardness is ≥3H, which prevents the surface of the film from being scratched, maintains the apparent integrity and is beautiful.The peel strength of the adhesive layer is ≥ 3200g/inch, which is higher than the standard requirements of similar products.

Product Series

Bullet-proof Membrane


Product Parameters

SR Hardness>3H

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