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Product Overview:As for the NANOLINK thermal insulation float glass with high light to solar gain ratio, existing mature float glass production technology and equipment floaare adopted to melt nano powder in glass raw materials to realize ontology addition, and the prepared raw glass has high visible light transmittance and low infrared transmittance production of the product fills in a gap in the domestic industry .

Product technology: nano powder technology   float processing

Basic parameters:

float glass

Spectrogram comparsion between the thermal insulation float glass and common white glass

float glass

Features: High light transmittance, high infrared absorption (infrared barrier can reach 90%), high ultraviolet barrier,remarkable energy-saving effect.

float glass

Performance advantage:

1.The original glass has the characteristics of high visible light transmission, low

reflection and high infrared barrier, which can meet the demand of energy saving, and

can be used as a single piece.

2.The color of the glass is blue and transparent, and the mirror is soft and not dazzling.It can increase indoor comfort effectively.

3.Compared with the previous plating process, float processing with ontology addition will not cause oxidation and scratch of the film, and the performance of the product will not decline for a long time.

Thermal insulation float glass with high light to solar gain ratio combined performance comparison of hollow glass


1. Due to the characteristics of the ontology addition technology, the glass can be further processed on existing processing equipment, such as tempering, laminating, screen printing and hot dipping.

2. This product can be widely used in building curtain wall, doors and windows, car and track and other fields. According to different regional climate characteristics and energy saving requirements, it can be used as a single piece, and can be combined as hollow glass.At the same time, we can also use this product as the substrate for single silver low-e film, which can meet the higher energy saving requirements at a lower cost.

Product Video

float glass


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