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Photochromic Film

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The combination of high-efficiency light sensing, magnetron sputtering,and nano-film lamination combines UV filtering, shading adjustment,and infrared thermal anti-function to dynamically transfer solar energy into the room. cut back,Instantly in the hot summer months, still feel the softness and coolness of the light.

Environmental protection

The high-temperature polymer substrate and high-grade glued products certified

by EU REACH and ROHS will not release harmful substances

and odors in the long-term high temperature environment.

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1、Accurately sense light changes

2、Realize rapid color change of window film (visible light transmittance changed from 60% to 20%)

3、Superior aging resistance and long life

4、Environmentally friendly, energy efficient, comfortable and safe

Product Series

Photochromic Film


Product Parameters

SR Hardness>2H

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